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THE EDIT / Coachella 2017 Prep

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Ahhhh, Coachella we meet again. This is my 5th year in a row heading to the desert and I couldn't be more excited. Coachella style can definitely have a bad stigma attached to it, but trust me - it can be done tastefully! I'm focusing this year on comfort and easy pieces with an edge. 

You can check out a small feature I did with Time Out LA HERE about festival style, and also read about what other LA bloggers are packing this year :) 

Writing down a few tips, because this ain't my first rodeo


Make sure you're not wearing too many trends in one look, pick one! 

Chill on the prints.

Make sure your outfit is photogenic. Obviously ;) 

Wear comfortable ankle boots to the festival, your feet will thank you. 

Buy something that is out of your style comfort zone and rock it. 

Bring a bandana for the evening, it usually gets windy/dusty at night. 



The process of actually getting into the festival is crazy, even if you're VIP. The path to the entrance is longggggg, but they have bike pedicabs to make things quicker. Bring cash!!

Pack a portable charger. This one from SONIX is amazing. 

Go to the festival 5pm-midnight. I never go a full day, it's way too much for me!

Pick a general meeting spot in case you loose anyone.

Leave a little before the last headline act. The Uber Lounge can be a NIGHTMARE if you're there at at rush hour. 



something beachy - coachella 2017

Hoops // Vita Fede

Skirt // Topshop

Sandals // Marni

Sunglasses // Topshop

One Piece // H&M

Denim Jacket // Understated Leather 

Bucket Bag // Alexander Wang

Scarf // H&M

Boots // Toga Pulla

Dress // Rag & Bone