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lauberge de sedona

Sedona, AZ

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An unforgettable experience to L'Auberge de Sedona. 

I just got back from my trip to L'Auberge De Sedona and all I can say is what an UNREAL experience. This was the first getaway in a long time that I had the ability to be present in to moment, not thinking about emails, Instagram, texts, – whatever.

With organized activities like forest bathing, sound healing, apothecary blending and stargazing, the trip was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Foray Collective organized the getaway and brought along bloggers Becca Tilley and Naila. The flight to Phoenix was a quick 1 hour 40 minutes, followed by a 2 hour drive to Sedona. Once we arrived at the resort, it was time for action! We came in hot at 4pm and went straight into adventure mode. Knowing that the sunset was at 5pm, we jolted to our rooms to change, then headed the Cathedral Rock – a spiritual vortex hike with an epic view. Time was against us, so we ran- no literally, ran to the top of Cathedral in 20 minutes. We got there just in time to take in the breathtaking sunset.

After the hike, we headed to 89 Agave for a much earned tequila tasting and Mexican feast. I especially loved the guacamole with pomegranate seeds, mango, and almonds – yum! We probably ate too much but hey, we earned it after that hike.

Our second day there was raining, but we made the most out of it with activities around the hotel property. First, we headed to sound healing, where our instructor lead us through a 1 hour meditative session using Himalayan jars creating healing sound vibrations. Not gonna lie, I was a bit giggly at first. But towards the ended I was in a state of complete relaxation.

Next off, we headed to forest bathing. And no – it’s not exactly what it sounds like. Forest bathing is a unique nature experience with reflective meditation. The 60 minute session begins with an instructor giving a brief introduction of the practice, followed by multiple exercises to practice being  present and mindful. The instructor gave each of us eco-friendly journals to jot down our thoughts during each exercise. We all agreed that it was a great and much needed moment to unplug from the chaos to get in touch with the healing aspects of nature.

With a clear mind, we headed to the L’Auberge Spa, where we had a custom blending bar to create personalized body scrubs and bath soaks – so cute! After quick nap, we polished off the day with a 3 course dinner at Cress – the food was delicious!

On our final day, it was time to take on The Grand Canyon. Seeing the canyon has been on my bucket list, so I was really looking forward to this! Up an at it at 7am, we headed there bracing ourselves for the 2 hour drive. Our Pink Jeep Tour guide Ted was insightful and taught us about the history of the Grand Canyon during our drive up. Once we made it to our first stop, I was ABSOLUTELY STUNNED. It’s one of those places you look at and go - Is this real?! What is life?! It’s literally mind-blowing to think something like that can be on this planet.

Overall, my experience at L’Auberge Sedona was eye opening. The group I traveled with was a great, and I am feeling so lucky to have had this experience. I will definitely be coming back to L’Auberge and the Grand Canyon when I need some mind clearing. I strongly recommended visiting! See my travel recommendations below:

STAY: L’Auberge de SedonaA 5-star resort experience. The rooms have wood burning fireplaces, outdoor showers, and the service is incredible. Definitely take advantage of the activities and amenities offered on site.

HIKE: Cathedral Rock – The Hike House is a great place to start planning your hike. They have trail guides set up on their website and in their store, and they can also set up a private guide to hike with you.

VISIT: Grand Canyon Pink Jeep Tours The jeeps are able to take you where you wouldn’t be able to access on foot, so you’ll get picturesque views and plenty of photo-worthy moments. 

EXPERIENCE: Forest Bathing, Sound Healing, Apothecary Blending – All of these activities are offered through L’Auberge.

RELAX: The Spa at L'Auberge  – Try the facial!

DINNER:Cress on Oak Creek –  For a special occasion.

DRINKS: 89 Agave or Etch Kitchen & Bar 89 Agave if you're looking for a more relaxed vibe. Chef Jimmy Day's food game at Etch is next level. 

WEAR: Warm Earth Tones, Silver Jewelry, Embroidered Jackets, Ankle Boots, Felt Hat, Activewear.