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New Year, New Resolutions

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2016, what a year you have been. Ups, downs, and upside downs, I can truly say this has been a year of growth and realization for me.

Every December I make a list of personal goals to help expand my perspective and become a better version of myself. This year I've partnered with Express to share with you a few of mine for 2017! What are your resolutions? Comment below!

Discover a hobby. Playing piano & taking dance classes. I played piano and did ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap growing up - I'm making myself get back into it!!

Go to the beach. At least once a week to reflect.

Travel to a new country. Austria, in August. 

Try something weird. TBD...

Be present. In every moment, stop thinking ahead. Put the phone down!

Be decisive. Things won't work unless you make them work. Speak up, take action, express your feelings. Don't be passive, don't wait. 

Think with an open mind. Be optimistic & more sensitive to other people's perspective.  

Be selective. Of who, where and how I spend my time. Only put myself in situations I truly want to be in. 

Learn a different language.  Italian. 

Remind loved ones of their importance. With thoughtful gestures, or verbally.

Find... The perfect skincare routine.

Cook. One really amazing meal.

The white sweater tank that I am wearing is SO comfy and it's also a great transitional piece into spring. I'm also loving the fit on the distressed jeans (I've been wearing these almost every day since I got them!) Hellooo 2017 uniform. 

Here's to a great year ahead!! xx


Fitted Ribbed Sleeveless Turtleneck

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Sporty Strap Cross Body Bag

Black Felicity Cat Eye Sunglasses