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Designer Diaries: Amber Farr of Flynn Skye

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A local legend making waves with her first brick and mortar store in Venice, CA.

If you didn't know already, Amber Farr is the Queen of Venice - and now she has a store to prove it.

Amber and I go way back. We first connected in 2009 on a photo shoot she was styling for Planet Blue when I was modeling at the time. She has such a raw, cool girl attitude and she is honestly one of the most humble people I have met. You easily can tell from her overwhelming social media support from influencers on her Instagram @flynnskye (she always has the best captions).

Flynn Skye's sleek, beach ready boutique is the perfect shopping destination for the California babe to pick up maxis, rompers, and jumpsuits. Think beach to bar, perfected. Be sure to stop by and say hello! Also, don't forget the insta-worthy mirror photo opp in front of the "stay weird" sign.

Scroll below to read the full Flynn Skye Designer Diaries interview. 

1803 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

Mon - Sat 11am - 7pm, Sun 12pm - 6pm


I sat down with Amber to get some more insight behind the brand:

Designer Diaries: Something Beachy x Flynn Skye

Who is the Flynn Skye girl?

FS: Hmmm good question. The Flynn Skye girl has a sense of self and confidence. I love the girl that will throw on a dress with some sneaks and a beat up motto jacket and go. Is it weird that I see everyone in Flynn ha ha.


Where do you look for inspiration before designing each collection?

FS: My inspiration comes from the craziest places. I mean it comes from everywhere. A couple holding hands. A cool girl walking down the street. A vintage dress. I definitely do things my own way. I don't plan or do mood boards. I probably should but for me I just log it in my brain  and when design season comes it all pours out.


The first design you ever made was:

FS: My first design was a dress called the Summer Lovin at Planet Blue. I am pretty sure they still sell it!


You're all about girl power and self confidence, I love that. What advice would you give to women in today's world of industry competition and social media comparison?

FS: I believe the beauty about social media is that we are power by numbers. Supporting one another is a platform for growth. There is no more if you succeed I fail thinking. Well at least not for me. I have only given and received love which is fucking awesome if you ask me.


You're a true Venice local. What are your favorite hubs in Venice?

FS: I love Oscars for dinner and anything that involves Gjelina. Both run by locals. Can't beat that.  If I want  a family vibe I go to Amelia's for breakfast. Venice is full of amazing places!


Your ah-hah moment:

FS: I mean I have them every day but I had this massive brand contact me about working with me. I was like how do you know about me!!! Also, getting nominated for best brand at Project.


Who is your dream girl to see in Flynn Skye?

FS: My dream girl happens every day. I really must sound redundant and boring but when I see all of the posts on social media I get so excited. Again it is like wow you know about the brand? Pinch me!! Celebrities give me a different high because you know they have so much sent to them for free so if they are wearing it then you have arrived.


Your daughter Flynn is a style star. What does she aspire to be when she grows up?

FS: Fabulous. She will be fabulous at whatever it is. At the moment it is a make up artist. I believe she will be some kind of performer which probably means she will be a school teacher.


Your life motto is:

FS: Be a good person. Period.